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Pet Diagnostics

At 321 Mobile Veterinary Services, we recognize the importance of diagnostics in veterinary medicine and prioritize the use of exceptional diagnostic tools for accurate and comprehensive care.

Pet Diagnostics in Brevard County, FL

At 321 Mobile Veterinary Services, diagnostic testing is crucial to our process. We offer various services, including wellness lab work, sick pet blood work, diagnostic tests, vaccines, parasite testing and prevention, and even in-home ultrasound imaging. We prioritize accurate diagnoses and tailored care for your pet’s well-being.
doctor with x-ray in his hand with dog

Pet Diagnostics

We provide comprehensive care for healthy and sick pets regardless of age. A crucial aspect of our approach is diagnostic testing, which encompasses various procedures such as wellness lab work, blood tests for sick pets, diagnostic tests, vaccinations, parasite testing and prevention, and imaging services. We strive to customize our recommendations based on your pet’s specific lifestyle, life stage, and medical history, ensuring personalized and effective treatment plans.

We collaborate with an external laboratory to conduct thorough blood tests and other diagnostics, guaranteeing accurate and reliable results. Additionally, we utilize microscope-based point-of-care tests for certain cases, allowing for quick and efficient assessments. Medications required for your pet’s treatment are readily provided during the visit. Alternatively, we offer the convenience of a drop-ship online pharmacy or prescription services, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for you and your beloved companion.

Our commitment lies in delivering comprehensive veterinary care, combining diagnostic expertise, tailored recommendations, and convenient access to medications, all geared toward promoting the health and well-being of your furry friend.