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Pet Euthanasia

Our veterinarian staff provides euthanasia services to guarantee that you and your companion are treated with respect, compassion, and care during her senior years and beyond.

Pet Euthanasia in Brevard County, FL

As terrible as it is, deciding to give your terminally ill and suffering pet a pain-free, peaceful death is frequently the most compassionate thing you can do for your pet. However, this is commonly the most difficult decision to make.

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Pet Euthanasia

It is an honor to help beloved family pets pass away in comfort and serenity. We understand how tough making this decision may be, and we are here to assist. Call us at 321-779-7387, and we will assist you.

What To Expect
When we arrive, we will work with your pet in the location where they feel most at ease. If family members choose, they may remain by the pet’s side. We also understand when family members are uncomfortable being present and respect each person’s unique reaction to loss. We will now answer questions and prepare the family for the procedure.

In most circumstances, the doctor will provide an injectable sedative shortly after your pet’s arrival to promote profound relaxation and relief from fear or discomfort. The doctor will administer the euthanasia solution after that has taken effect and the family is ready to proceed. This is a powerful anesthetic solution that allows the pet to fall asleep rapidly before passing away. If you require a few minutes of privacy following the procedure, we will walk out to enable you and your family some final private moments with your pet.

We work with Pet Passages, located in Melbourne, FL. We will transport your pet’s remains to their licensed crematory facility and facilitate either you picking up ashes from the crematory facility or having the ashes shipped to your home. Costs range from $150-$350, depending on the size of your pet and the options you choose.